Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE)


The Electrical and Elctronics Engineering department is to be a pioneer department in preparing students to compete globally in their profession, to reach the high levels of intellectual attachment, making significant contribution to the society


  • To create a supportive environment for studetns to acquire basic to advanced skills in Science, Engineering & Technology, with better learning processes
  • To prepare students for successful careers based on a strong moral and eithical values.
  • To impart the state-of-the-art knowledge, for promoting research in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • To train students to become entrepreneurs with strong industry institute relationship for social and rural benefits.

The Program Educational Objectives(PEOs) :

Sl.No. PEO# Program Educational Objectives
1 PEO1 The graduates of the program will be able to apply their analytical and professional knowledge to take on higher responsibilities in industry and diverse fields of Electrical Engineering
2 PEO2 The graduates will acquire capability to apply their techincal knowledge of electrical and electronics to pursue higher education and research
3 PEO3 The graduates will be enthusiastic towards life-long learning, creative thinking, and career enhancement and adapt to changing professional and societal relevance especially rural needs
Programs :
Course Intake B Category Seats
M.Tech.(Power Systems) 18 5
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